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Waite Research has integrated their premium mirrors into an innovative design with the introduction of their Renegade telescopes.

Press Release

New Renegade Telescope Designs from 16” to 22”

November 20, 2013, Shrewsbury, NJ—Waite Research is currently expanding their innovative line of Renegade telescopes, building 16”, 18”, 20” and 22” models, all featuring Waite Research premium quality optics. All Renegade telescope models are designed to provide feet-on-the-ground observing with eyepiece heights less than five feet.

The creative design of the Renegade telescope combines elegant beauty with practical observing benefits.  The unique bearing arrangement means that the Renegade is superbly balanced, never moving out of position when you change heavy eyepieces. The Renegade is lighter to transport than most Dobsonian-style telescopes, quicker to assemble, and has a smaller footprint. The shorter, more rigid truss structure reduces vibration and flexing, and helps maintain precise collimation. Read more

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