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Renegade Telescopes Now Available with 10" to 25" Primary Mirrors

Waite Research is building Renegade telescopes with premium primary mirrors 10" and up. Don't settle for a mass-market product. Our innovative telescope design and optics offer exquisite night views of Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon, as well as open clusters, nebulae and galaxies. And the portability of this telescope make it a joy to use. 

Renegade telescopes include premium, hand-figured, Waite Research mirrors, top-end Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focusers, Moonlite truss poles, and light-blocking fabric cloaks. Optional digital setting circles and motion control are available at additional charge. Prices start at $3,995Email or call 732-977-2744 to discuss your telescope order options.


Renegade Telescope Named Star Product

Astronomy Magazine named the Waite Research Renegade telescope one of the top astro-wares in 2015. For more information on Waite Research premium mirrors and telescopes, please email or give us a ring.

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Blog Posts

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    How We Make Premium Telescope Mirrors

    17 Jan, 2017| by admin

    Our mirror-making work relies on efficiency and efficiency these days means robotics. So while designing and adding a new overarm to one of our mirror polishing machines, we decided to push the envelope.

Renegade Telescopes for Observing the Universe

Have You Seen Gordon Waite's YouTube Channel?

With about 50 videos uploaded, Gordon's YouTube channel has accumulated over 750,000 views! 

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Buy a 20" Waite Research Telescope Mirror

If you are thinking about moving up to a large aperture telescope mirror, we'll fabricate a premium 20" mirror just for you. Shoot us an email today.

"The expanse of the universe as you've never seen it before."